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Set real-time availability

A game-changer for everyone.

Freelancers can easily set their availability for work.

Employers can quickly search by dates to find the right person.

Open to all accounts.

Search thousands of freelancers, in seconds

Our new platform makes it easier to find skilled, available talent to build dynamic teams.

From technicians to creatives, performers and musicians, finding talent is quicker and easier than ever.

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We believe everyone deserves to take a bow

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Free access to jobs {always}.

We don't think freelancers should pay to access job opportunities.

It's better this way.

So let's pay fair and play fair.

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Your skills and availability are unique.

It's your superpower.

Employers can search by availability, skills, location, job roles, and more.

Be found by what makes you ... you.

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Multiple industries = more opportunities.

We work with employers in Film, TV, Theatre, Live Events & Video Games - so you can too!

Apply transferable skills to multiple projects - all from one place.

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Smart matching to level the playing field

The world has changed, and we need better options than just ringing around the usual suspects.

Our unique search and match algorithm matches freelancers with opportunities.

It's quick, easy to use, and opens doors.

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Skill up, help others and get paid

We all need a leg up some time, and who better than our own community?

On our marketplace you can find classes, training courses, and events from organisations and professionals just like you.

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Built by freelancers, for freelancers.

We've been working in TV, Film, Video Games, Theatre and Live Events for ...

... a long time!

In 2020, with funding via Innovate UK we completely rebuilt our platform to better serve the changing industry.

We work directly with employers, suppliers, professional associations and advocacy groups to bring the best service we can - and always with freelancers at the core.

"Curtain Call goes above and beyond in its service and advocacy for all freelancers in the industry. They're an invaluable organisation who truly have all our best interests at heart."

Denise Gough, Actor

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"Now more than ever, freelancers and creatives need Curtain Call. It’s a superb tool to find work, matching people with opportunities they might otherwise have never known about."

Simon Beaufoy - Oscar ® winning screenwriter

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"We're proud to work with Curtain Call on several initiatives. Their work in celebrating all aspects of what goes into putting on the world's best productions is second to none, and we look forward to working with them as they continue to grow."

March Henshall - Senior Marketing Specialist

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"The industry is changing dramatically. Curtain Call is at the forefront of that change, offering tools, support, solutions and opportunities.

Annie Rowe - Casting Director

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Find your tribe. Spread the love.

This is about way more than jobs, we are a community of professionals working in entertainment and events.

We value each and every one of our members and welcome you to join us and help reshape and rebuild our future of work.