It's Time for a change

Matt Humphrey

September 13, 2020

We are at a once in a century moment. 

This year has highlighted long-term trends and systemic issues within our culture and society. The pandemic has been a massive pause button for the entertainment and events industries and this time has provoked a lot of analysis and, hopefully, change. 

As self-employed freelancers and artists we have always been in a slightly precarious position when it comes to a lot of things. Knowing where the next job is coming from, when we will get paid, who we will work with, what may come from the next opportunity that comes our way. We question ourselves. Should I take this job when it’s not exactly what I’ve been waiting for? Do I have the right skill set for this job? How can I be better at what I do? 

2020 has magnified all that.

Now is the time to make changes. Now is the time to look ahead, to be active, to be responsive, to be part of finding solutions. 

As an early stage startup we have spent a lot of time talking with mentors, on accelerator programs, in meetings with investors where the focus is on a growth mindset. It’s not just our abilities and talent that brings us success, it is whether we approach our goals with a fixed or growth mindset.

To really tap into this, we have to be aware of what has happened, what is going on right now and look to where we could and want to go. For us, this has been a time of reflection that has massively informed our planning.

Our rationale, and company name, stem from our ethos that ‘everyone deserves to take a bow’. We work in one of the most collaborative environments, and at one point or another in a production every single member of the team is the most important person. We all count, and we all contribute.

We’re working on a system that will make it easier to find the right people at the right time. A system that helps to eliminate bias, that opens the doors to opportunities, and that allows greater access to all who have the skills and want to be part of a project. 

The plan is to roll out a platform that allows for better movement of freelancers within entertainment sectors, with greater visibility for them and, as always, we continue to be built around community.

Through the Big Freelancer Survey and active work with Freelancers Make Theatre Work, We Make Events, the Freelance Task Force and other advocacy and lobbying work, we are aware of and listening to the challenges that face us as an industry and a community. We will continue to do so and hope that our community continues to hold us accountable for the service we provide.

The marathon continues, and we are continuously evolving and innovating. To do that effectively we have to be flexible, embrace change, and rebuild where necessary - which is what we are doing here. This new platform has been part-funded by an Innovate UK grant from the government and is an important phase in our development to adapt to the future of work in the global entertainment and events industry. 

We hope you benefit from it and look forward to working with your feedback on how to continue to improve and push forward.

Please feel free to drop us a line to let us know how you are getting on through our Contact Us page.

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