We Stand As One

Freelancers and companies in the events industry from over 27 countries will stand as one in a global day of action

A powerful movement and worldwide campaign organised by #WeMakeEvents shows just how talented, efficient and impactful the events industry is. Curtain Call is proud to stand with them, as we raise awareness of the 30 million strong workforce and call on governments worldwide to extend significant financial support. 

What started as a campaign to raise awareness to the government and the public has gathered huge momentum over the last few months. We spoke with the organisers to understand how we can support and give voice to the campaign. You can hear the full podcast here.

#WeMakeEvents was started by industry professional association PLASA in response to the pandemic in March 2020. Conscious of the huge freelance community and the dependency within the ecosystem of companies on freelancers and vice versa, PLASA hired a PR company to educate the public and government and build on the idea of Light It In Red.

The network of organisers grew and activity ramped up towards an event on the 11th August that saw a colossal 725 venues involved lighting their buildings in red across the UK, accompanied by a convoy of boats along the River Thames in London. What this representative group of the entire supply chain, spearheaded by Gary White, achieved was testament to the tenacity, resourcefulness and enthusiasm of the industry.

Manchester Central Library – Dbn Audile (LX) & Just Beam It (Lasers)

It became evident after this event that there was a need to do more, and many other countries became interested in getting involved. The US was first up, and organised it’s own event on 1st September, rallying support from stars Alice Cooper and Jack Black, and lighting up thousands of buildings across the country including the Empire State Building in New York.

The attention now shifts to a worldwide event taking place on 30th September where event professionals from thousands of cities across more than 25 countries will come together to Stand As One. 

This global day of creative action features several public displays with the Light It In Red initiative as the backdrop. Organisers are urging the public and industry professionals to join and support the #WeMakeEvents campaign.

To find out more about how to get involved – visit the WeMakeEvents website and Get Involved Toolkit.

Image credit: Empire State Building – Light It In Red – Bob Carey