About Curtain Call

Founded in 2015 by freelance creatives, Curtain Call is a technology and solutions-based platform for the entertainment industry. From ideas to project delivery, Curtain Call is committed to pioneering practical, technological and ethical solutions.

The journey started with hundreds of hours backstage, speaking with thousands of freelancers, producers, creatives and technicians. The result was a coffee table book ‘Curtain Call: A Year Backstage in London Theatre’, and a growing database of productions - the first version of this platform.


We are always looking for new, better, fairer ways of providing the services we lay out. Along the way Curtain Call has been part of several startup accelerator programs in the UK & US.

In 2020, Curtain Call won two competitive grants from Innovate UK to rebuild the platform and better service the needs of freelancers in entertainment and events.

We also produced the world's first commercialised Zoom play in May 2020 - 'A Separate Peace' by Tom Stoppard - to rave reviews.


This is another key part of our work, and we are proud members of #WeMakeEvents, working with others to support the live events industry. In 2020 we joined forces with Freelancers Make Theatre Work to produce ‘The Big Freelancer Survey’, the largest independent survey of its kind, ever, of the freelance workforce in the UK.

What next?

The marathon continues, and Curtain Call is not standing still.   With a strong brand, deep knowledge of the industry and robust relationships, we are developing the tools that are needed to serve the community that we love – right now, and beyond.

If you have a suggestion, an idea, or thought that you would like to share with us, please drop us a line - below, or by email. We'd love to hear from you.