Let's change the narrative

We need better, more accessible ways of hiring, supporting and communicating.

This platform has been built from the ground up with freelancers at the core.

That is what we are passionate about.

Together we can make our industry stronger, more inclusive and resilient.

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Why Curtain Call?

Our mission and vision has always been driven by the recognition of ALL those involved in a successful project.

From our first book to this platform, our podcast series and photography – we explore and push the boundaries, offering a different way of looking, doing, questioning, and connecting.

Here are some things that drive what we do...

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Successful projects and careers are built on trust, so we have made this central to our platform. If you see something that is not quite right, report it, and we'll look into it.

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At the heart of any project are the connections made before, during and after. We know how vital it is to assist this connectivity, and use smart connections to make more brilliant projects.

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We're constantly on the lookout for ways to enhance and improve the way we work and collaborate with smart tech. Our team is driven by this, and we have been funded by Innovate UK to deliver.

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Pay Fair & Play fair

The freelance workforce should not have to pay to hear or read about a job.

It is not cool, and tbh, SO pre-pandemic.

Employers and producers need to find the right talent for their projects.

That's where we come in.

Using smart tech we are making that team build easier, and more efficient.

We think that's a service worth paying for.

Find out more about our Pioneer program for Employers

Connect. Collaborate. Create.

A great idea, needs a great team.

Finding the right people, with the right skills, available at the right time is crucial.

This is at the heart of our platform.

Search real-time data and availability of thousands of freelancers to connect with the ones to make your project fly.

This is a place to connect with others, collaborate and create magic.

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Here to get it right, not to be right.

We started this out by spending hundreds of hours backstage, talking to thousands of technicians, creatives, producers and performers.

Quite simply we would not be here without you. And we want to keep it that way.

If you see something that is not quite right, or needs changing, or you have a suggestion - let us know!

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Help us make sure we tick your boxes.

Drop us a line - we're a friendly bunch!

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Curtain Call is open to ALL freelancers and organisations working in the entertainment and live events space.

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