Leicester Square Theatre
Directed by Stuart Saint
Produced by Leicester Square Theatre

London's No.1 adult panto returns in grand style with the ultimate version of Stuart Saints critically acclaimed Dick! 

This festive season sees the third coming of our hero 'DICK!' and his promiscuous pussy 'DAVE THE CAT' as they embark on a chaotic caper through perverted pantoland, transferring upstairs to the Main House of the Leicester Square Theatre.  

Lead by MISS DUSTY 'O' as the batty yet glamours S'HoHo sex club owner 'SOFONDA COX', familiar favourites 'FAIRY BELL-END', 'ALICE FITZNICELY' and the delinquent, delicious diva 'QUEEN RUNT' reunite and run riot through the heart of the WEST END in yet another camp and carnal romp. 

Will our dearest friends make it upstairs in time? Can the 'Leaky Vessel' sail up the 'Streaky Crack'? What 'Carry On' chaos do our beloved friends have in store? ...Who can say! One thing is for certain, the whole gang is gagging to go the extra inch with a scintillating, riotously rude and hilarious evening, for the greatest filthy and debauched Christmas you'll ever have! 

WARNING: Dick! is not for the faint hearted or easily offended - however there is enough to go around and remember .. you'll never miss a trick once you've gone 

DICK! Written & Directed by Stuart Saint 

Starring: Miss Dusty 'O' STRICTLY