The Spalding Suite

The Spalding Suite

2015 | UK Tour

The Spalding Suite

UK Tour
Directed by Benji Reid
Produced by Fuel Theatre

A physical theatre show inspired by the UK's basketball sub-culture.

'When we were young, we worshipped stars.
gleaming long-limbed gods
framed in the act of impossible flight,
For a time we tried to follow,
to carve out our own piece of sky
with a butter-smooth arc of an arm
and a Spalding ball glued to the fingertips

Fresh poetry combined with contemporary movement celebrates the elegance and beauty of basketball.

Seen from a British perspective, The Spalding Suite gets to the heart and soul of the gravity-defying game and delves into the hopes and dreams of those who play it.

Six dynamic performers mix live beatboxing, hip-hop, music, moves and poetry, taking us from the fleeting high of the score and the robust camaraderie of the team, to the poignant lows of a body too worn to play the game.